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Kathryn Singletary  is the owner and instructor for My Smart Hands Austin. Kathryn’s passion for ASL
started at the early age of 12 when introduced to a friend in middle school who was Deaf. In
college at Texas State University, Kathryn continued to study ASL as her foreign
language while obtaining her degree in Communication Studies. Kathryn then went on to
study 2 more years of ASL in the interpreting field at Austin Community College. Through working with the Deaf Community, Kathryn realized the power of sign and how it can help bridge the communication between a parent and child.  “I find it truly amazing how ASL can give a sense of relief to the parent, reduce frustration of the unknown, and of course, build the baby’s vocabulary at such a young age,” Kathryn says.

Kathryn looks forward to reaching out to the community and spreading knowledge of ASL. “Let’s get those fingers moving, and find out what’s moving in your child’s minds!”

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